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Currently this site is collecting stories about dreams and dreaming, if you qualify and would like to participate click here. This past summer's trip included visiting the ancient Dreaming Temple sites  of Aesclepius is Spain and Endovelicus in Portugal.


iberian dreaming    (español)   (português)

Este proyecto está dedicado al estudio del uso de los sueños por la gente que actualmente viven en la península Ibérica (España y Portugal) o personas de origen ibérico.  Para leer mas en español.

Este projeto é dedicado ao estudo do uso de sonhos para as pessoas que vivem actualmente na Península Ibérica (Espanha e Portugal) ou pessoas de origem ibérica. Para ler mais em português.

This project is dedicated the study of the dreaming practices of people currently living on the Iberian peninsula (Spain or Portugal) or people of Iberian origin.

We are looking for people of Iberian heritage or people currently living on the Iberian Peninsula who would like to participate in this project.  To participate, submit through this website stories about dreams and their consequences in your life or stories related to the use of dreams or dreaming. You must be eighteen years or older to particiapte. If you meet these qualifications and would like to participate click here to take survey.

We are also looking for native Iberian elders that have traditional wisdom related to dreams & dreaming and who would allow us to interview them about this knowledge.  If you have information about someone who would be willing to participate in this way please contact us.